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1.2G Wireless Camera Kit Radio AV Receiver With Power Supply

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1.2G Wireless Camera Radio AV Receiver With Power Supply Full Kit

A 1.2G Wirelless Camera Kit is used to deserve unexpected thing from happening, a mini wireless camera suit for security supervise, surveillance supervise, and many other interesting filed in our life.
Wireless transmission and reception, light weight, small size, low power consumption,
High sensitivity, easy to install and operat, as well as toconceal.


1/3 CMOS color / 0.9-1.2GHz/ wireless/Audio.
Frequency contorl : adopt CPU frequency lock the wreath to control, with high frequency stability.
Effective picture element : PAL:628×582 NTSC:510×492.
Horizontal definition : 380 Line.
Minimum Illumination : 3 Lux.
Scan Frequency : PAL/CCIR: 50Hz, NTSC/EIA: 60Hz.
Sensitivity : +18DB – AGL ON-OFF.
Output power : 50 – 300mW .
Distance : 50 – 100M ( without barrier and interference ).
Electric power : DC9V .
Current : 200mA.
Power Consumption : <400mW.
Size : 25x35x15mm.

Package Included :

1 x 1.2GHz Security  Wireless CMOS Color Video&Audio Camera
1 x 1.2GHz Security  Wireless Radio AV Receiver
1 x Power supplies
1 x RCA Cable

Details pictures :

Additional information

Weight 0.337 kg
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 40 cm