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220V 967 Electric Lead Free Rework Soldering Station Iron Holder Display Desoldering Set

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220V 967 Electric Lead-free Rework Soldering Station Iron Holder Display Desoldering Set


Commonly used in electrical works, especially soldering task.
You are allowed to adjust the temperature for various demands.
Alarm system — If abnormal situation, the station will alarm.


Temperature: 200°C- 480°C
Input Voltage: AC 220V
Output Voltage: DC 26V
Max Output Power: 75W
Handle Cable length: App 88cm
Cable length: App 140cm
Soldering station size: app 14cm x 11cm x 9cm
Color: Black
Package Weight: App 915g

Status Description:
– Under normal operating condition: the green light stay lit and the three decimal point goes out, that the actual temperature is displayed for 20 seconds. When the green light lit simultaneously with three decimal places, the setting temperature is displayed, the display time is 5 seconds, circular display. When you rotating the thermostat knob, a red light and three decimal places are lit, then you can adjust the temperature, after 10 seconds automatically return to normal working condition.
Abnormal operating condition: the orange light flashing to indicate over temperature, that the actual temperature exceeds the setting temperature of 100°C, then you can also continue to heat, does not affect the use, if exceeded 150°C, or 90 seconds does not reach the setting temperature, the orange light continues to flash for 30 seconds then into steady, the station will alarm and stop heating
Package included:
1 x 220V 967 Electric Lead-free Soldering station
1 x Soldering iron handle
1 x handle holder
1 x Cleaning sponge
When the power is switched on, the soldering iron temperature is 200°C- 480°C
* Do not touch the metal part near the soldering iron tip.
* Do not use soldering iron near combustibles.
* Do not wet soldering station, or can not be used when the hands are wet soldering station.
* Do not use rough tool or rasp to clean the soldering iron tip.
* Do not use liquid to clean the soldering station housing or allow the liquid to flow into the soldering station housing.
* Before maintenance, turn off the power supply, to avoid the occurrence of electric shock accident.
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Weight 1.018 kg
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 40 cm