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BGVP DS1 Dual Balanced Armature+1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX Audiophile IEMS HIFI Music Monitor

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BGVP DS1 will redefine your sensory world:  
Medium frequency density / high frequency extension / low frequency dive
DS1 makes music more real:  
The triple balance as tuning philosophy, combined with biological membrane technology, to ensure that the lossless output of music.
The custom sound driver are more able to show the rich sound details, the sound quality is pure, high frequency extensibility is good and the low frequency dive.
The core of DS1 equilibrium performance : 
High-tech biofilm used in earphones are very rare in sound trumpet structures.
High-density N52 magnetic ring combined with environment-friendly biomaterials and magnesium aluminate alloy to create the sound driver, make it instantly performance much better.
Double composite Balanced Armature to make good sound quality : 
Self-customized dual composite Balanced Armature, rich detail resolution and rich midrange density performance, combined with the high frequency extension, let the DS1 make an amazing sound.
Elaborate tuned electronic three-way system:  
One side contains a fine-second frequency divider board, the 4 components simplified into a composite components and 1 composite tantalum capacitor, built into three-way system, the potential of three units has been squeezed in the end, to ensure that in omnivorous at the same time, focus on the tri-band equilibrium to create a balanced tri-band positive tri-band.
Smart wire control, widely compatibility
One button, a key to switch between music and talk, without removing the headset IOS / Android is compatible, easy and convenient
Press once: play / pause (answer the call / end the call)
Press 3 times: the previous song
Press Twice: the next song
Long press 3 seconds: reject the call
Fourth generation high quality MMCX:
High quality MMCX Standard Detachable Slot, use the high market share design of the MMCX gold-plated interface and humanized plugged design; make the earphone to add more extended functions.
Good sound from high quality craftsmanship:  
Medical grade PC material: The use of medical grade PC materials, safety and environmental protection, gold-plated metal LOGO with high light oil technology, make the LOGO and earphone integration.
Professional Acoustic Damping: At the core of the dynamic Department affixed to a professional acoustic damping, after many debugging, making the overall sound pressure of the earphone more uniform and full.
Gold-plated brass sound tube: to maximize the density of the sound focus to reduce the burr caused by the sound pressure output and other issues, gold-plated brass sound tube designed specifically for Balanced Armature tuning tube, Balanced Armature and Dynamic sound separately output, without disturbing each other, with the professional acoustic damping, weakening the burrs and gear teeth Balanced Armature, and keep Balanced Armature strong resolution and details, restore the real sound.
Brand: BGVP
Model: DS1
Driver: Dual Balanced Armature +1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid
Frequency Response: 15Hz-35KHz
Sensitivity: 108dB / mW
Impedance: 13.5Ω
Distortion: <2%
Channel Difference: <1.5dB
Plug: 3.5mm Straight plug
Cable: 1.2m ( DS1 with Mic version come with 4-core single crystal copper cable ,DS1 without Mic version uses 4-core single crystal copper silver-plated cable.)
Option: DS1 with Mic Version (A), DS1 without Mic Version (B)
Package Included:
1 x BGVP DS1 Earphone

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Weight 0.164 kg
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 40 cm