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Laser Safety Goggles Glasses Protective Eyewear 200-540nm/532nm

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Laser Safety Goggles Glasses Protective Eyewear 200-540nm/532nm & Glasses Box
-Laser protective glasses have a protective effect on the specific band to prevent dazzling laser effects, but also can make the laser look more vivid clarity.
-Glasses to wear comfortable, beautiful, safe and reliable protection design, 100% eye protection.
-Mirror foot length scalable, superciliary and flank protection design on both sides, large lens design a broader vision for long-term wear use.
-Lens surface hardening, anti-arc, anti-static, impact resistance, scratch.
-Suitable protective green laser and green laser-related equipment.

Laser protective eyewear by light absorption principle:

It is not selective for the light source, safe PROTECTION diffuse light; incident angle of the light source is not selective, can all-round protection and a specific band of laser light, light and rapid response, decay rate is higher, the surface is not afraid to wear, even if there are scratch, does not affect the safety of light.

Product name: Glasses
Color: Dark green
Protective Wavelength: 200-540nm/532nm
Optical density OD: OD4 +
Visible light transmittance: 60%
Protection Features: Absorption-round protection
Size of glasses case: Approx. 17x8x6cm/6.69"x3.14"x2.36"
Weight: 85g

Package includes: 
1 x Glasses
1 x Glasses case
Details pictures: 


Additional information

Weight 0.091 kg
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 40 cm